Monday, July 9, 2012

Geopieces World Map : First User Based Content Network on the World Map

Austrian web company Geopieces Technology is pleased to announce the Open Beta launch of a new map based social content network. is a site of immense use to share your life and find interesting places, content and offers by a single click. It is your online directory for all the best places, events and information around you. Geopieces does not give you a simple content angle it gives you the chance to shape the world around you and create your own content on the world map. Shape the world, share the best information and stay updated on what your friends are doing.

Geopieces aims to fill an important niche in the market -  offering Users their personal platform to search, create and share location specific info directly on the world map.

“There are lots of sites out there offering map based applications” says Bernd Eibl marketing director of Geopieces, “but on closer inspection, all you are being offered is a template that restricts the abilities of users to really express themselves, a formulaic framework that lacks individuality and real insight.”

“Our major motivation to launch Geopieces,” according to him, ”is the fact that common location based services do not offer the user the opportunity to really help shape the places and information on the map according to their specific needs and interests.”

The Geopieces Team has designed a unique way of sharing content that ensures that users have the ability to make their own mark on the world.

The most unique step in this unique approach is to offer the user the freedom to share their content anywhere on the map, going beyond the possibilities of check-ins or reviews of predetermined locations.  

“We think there is a real need for a location based service that gives the user a vast range of options to really let them show what is important in their region and to discover what is going on around the globe,” says Bernd Eibl. “The next steps will be to offer users map-layers to search the map for their favourites and enable the user to own virtual property on the map, the so called Geopiece.”

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