Monday, July 30, 2012

Sharing on the World Map

You always wanted to share your life and find interesting places, content and offers by a single click on the map? Find all the best places, events and information around you? We are trying to tackle the problem from a new angle, it gives you the chance to shape the world around you and create your own content on the world map. Make a difference on the world map, share the best information and stay updated on what your friends are doing.

The new website Geopieces aims to fill that important niche in the market -  offering Users their personal platform to search, create and share location specific info directly on the world map.

What they let you do on the website is placing Media Pins anywhere on the world map so you can show what you are up to. In order to make it more fun you can add images, videos, a lot of text, links and even set a date for an event. It is a bit like squidoo and foursquare combined. But you can roam around on the world map and it does not restrict you to simple check-ins. 

Create your own Stories and leave Notes on the Map

Anything can be shared on Geopieces, from quick updates to complex blog and media files.
In addition to choosing a place on the map you must also choose the type of content you want to create:

  • You can share a quick Update with the Status Pin
  • Publicize an Event and set the Date with the Event Pin
  • Write your own Blog Entry with the Blog Pin
  • Post a Picture with the Picture Pin
  • Integrate a video with the Video Pin
  • Share a Link with the Link Pin

Every Pin has a unique appearance which helps you find the content you are looking for and makes browsing and searching easier.
You can also choose a category for your Pin to show the world what your contribution is all about!

Search it

Just mark your point of interest on the Map and see what is new in the area! Looking for very specific content? Set a filter for the type of content you are looking for and get recommendations based on your favorite categories!
Or use the search option to show content that matches your search terms! You can also follow other users to see what they are up to! Keep track of your friends or learn what other people around the world are up to! You can also browse the “Trends” section for a more comprehensive overview of the Pins.

Share it

You can share all Pins across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Social Bookmarking Plattforms.

Own a Piece of the World

The Geopieces marketplace will give users a way to make money off of their virtual property based on the visits to their map real estate. Buying a piece of the world will also help you highlight your content, which can be directly added to your piece of the world, the aptly named Geopiece.

The goal of Geopieces is to create the world´s greatest marketplace for virtual estate and give users the chance to present their business and their life in a real location based sense. This is achieved by splitting the whole world map into squared virtual properties based on the cartesian coordinate system. These resulting Geopieces can be bought, sold and traded on the marketplace and you can earn interest on your property if people like to visit your piece.

Currently most of the best places on the world map are still up for grabs and each new user receives enough credits to buy one Geopiece for free. The price per piece is currently $1 but this is a limited time offer. There is already a trend that claimed Geopieces end up in the market for up to 50 times of the original price. So you should better grab your favourite place really quick.

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