Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Map Journey of Beautiful Places around the world

There used to be dark times in the past. No internet or smart phones where in existance, no GPS that gave away your position or helped you to navigate. You had to take a map and plan your trip ahead in order not to miss out.

Hours and Hours of time where lost by tracking and marking your stations on the map, creating a mess of marks on maps and afterwards you had to spend time to organize your photos by stop.

What if you could mark your favourite places on the world map and build your own bucket list of places you just have to visit?

So I set out to document my favourite places on the world map by using

Below you can check out some of my favourite spots or follow the link to see my whole story on the world map.

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Monument Valley

Monument Valley
Over the years, Monument Valley has been the setting for more Western movies than any other site in the United States. Unique sandstone formations, the Navajo Indian Nation and the Four Corners Monument define this vast, open desert region. Some of Utah's great hikes are found here.

The area is part of the Colorado Plateau. The floor is largely siltstone or sand and over time erosion has created a beautiful panorama, deposited by the meandering rivers that carved the valley. The valley's vivid red color comes from iron oxide exposed in the weathered siltstone. The darker, blue-gray rocks in the valley get their color from manganese oxide.

Waitomo Cave

Waitomo Cave
These limestone formations stand as one of New Zealand's most inspiring natural wonders and a must-see destination.

The caves are famous for their glow worm population which is unique to the New Zealand Island. These creatures accumulate in thousands in the caves and radiate their eery light around the caves cutting into the darkness and providing a gloomy experience of cave exploration.

You can also satisfy your thrill-seeking behaviour in the caves and engage in activities such as rafting in the black waters of the canyons, climbing into large cave mouths or go on a horse trekking expidition.

Annapurna Mountain Range

Annapurna Mountain Range
Deep in the mountain ranges of Kali Gandaki lies the Annapurna, a representation of a hindi goddess.

As the easiest to climb in the Nepal mountain range this location offers a great chance to take a trip through monasteries and nature and have the trekking adventure of your lifetime.

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