Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is Geopieces and how we plan to go mobile

Geopieces is a social network based on geographical location using the google maps technology.
Geopieces allows you to publish content on the world map on the relevant geographical position.
Our next goal is to develop a Geopieces App for Android and iPhone Plattforms to allow users to explore the map and post content on the go.
                                            How Geopieces works

Geopieces contains 3 core elements
1) Locally relevant information that can be posted on the world map.
Content may contain text, links, video and pictures and can be directly created via smartphone on your current position.
2) Privat Territories / Virtual Property on the map. The whole map is split into squares 30m x 30m big, the so called Geopieces, which can be bought by the User.
Your Territory allows you to create special content on it that will be prominently displayed to any user crossing into your Geopiece and is always ranked on the top of the website´s newsfeed when users look up your region.

3) Gamification and Achievements reward regular activity.
a. Findables can be hidden on the map as a sort of promotion campaign. These resemble treasure that users can hunt for by exploring the map or walking around in real life with their Geopieces App active. 
b. Users are rewarded with plattform currency if others visit their Geopiece. This allows you to earn money with pieces and expand your territory.
c. Achievements and Rankings allow you to compete with others for the highest scores in the leaderboards
The following is a list of the App features that are currently planned
  • Create your own user profile and display your information on your territories to communciate your ideas
  • Detailed search based on position and content
  • Place content wherever you are including text, links, video and pictures
  • A Follower system
  • Like and Favourite Buttons for all content
  • Owning and buying Geopieces on the world map
  • Earn Plattform currency through traffic on your territories and trade them on the market
  • Achievements and Treasure hunts on the map

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