Thursday, October 24, 2013

Over 2000 Geopieces sold. Here are some of our favourites

Impressions from Rio de Janeiro is the first part of our journey. @Bonuteo claimed his share of the beautiful city on the south american continent and delivered some interesting insights into culture, lifestyle and history.

Ilha dos Ratos is definitely on of our favourites. Erected by Europeans as a trade port the colonial building acted as the entrance point to the capital city of the old empire. It housed the proclamation of the Republic of Brazil and is now a cultural museum. It is also kind of eerie as it stands guard in the bay of Rio.

The Zoo at Quinta da Boa Vista  was erected on the grounds of the former emperor of Brazil. Being done with emperors the area was converted to a beautiful tropical zoo that now houses many different animals in a big and open park structure. The old palace was converted to the national museum that now shows natural history and archealogy exhibitions.

Prior to the ascendance of the Prince Regent the land was owned by Jesuit priests and Portuguese merchants so history is rich in this place. Now you have photo opportunities of tigers and their lunch.

Travelling a few thousand kilometers we arrive in Stockholm, Sweden where some crafty people have bought up the whole city center. Especially @umberdraught has a fine taste for architecture claiming many landmarks of the beautiful nordic city.

Salvaged Ships in the Vasa Museum, a simple post a nice picture, what more do you need? Well we dug a little deeper to find out more about it. The museum is named after the Warhsip Vasa which pretty likely terrorized the ocean with its 64 guns in the 17th century. The only problem was that the ship sunk on its maiden voyage. The Swedes not wanting to taste defeat decided to salvage the ship, reconstruct it and build a museum for display, giving the name of the ship to the structure. So not only did the salvage and restore one of the largest sailing warships they also built a museum around the ship with some respectable dimensions.

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