Friday, November 1, 2013

Geopiece of the Day: Fisherman’s Wharf

We have seen so much great content and pieces of the world map claimed by users on Geopieces that we thought: Why not make a series out of this? Present some of the great things on the world map and try and learn a little bit about the history of the cool locations that can be discovered on the world map.

This is the first of our series: Fisherman´s Wharf in San Francisco Bay

Welcome sign: There are crabs to be had!

The wharf encompasses the northern waterfront area of San Francisco includes a nice market area that has been snatched up on Geopieces. The area got popular in the 1800s because the bay was rich of dungeness crab and it was developed by new immigrants to the great America, who mainly where of Italian descent.

Delicious crab

If you are a hater of all things seafood read no further as the wharf serves as the harbour of the San Francisco fishing fleet from its conception until the present day. It harbors a whole supply chain of all the goods the sea has to offer. Fresh sea goodies are caught and delivered traded by merchants to experience the ultimate fresh experience of salty creatures and prepared on site by a host of restaurants. 

The area is also beloved by tourists. More than 75% of visitors to San Francisco partake in a tour of the wharf. Most likely because you can not only sea the fishing fleet but stroll the harbor and bay area and smell the seafood and the sourdough of the French bakeries in the area.

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