Friday, November 8, 2013

Geopiece of the Day: The 5 coolest exhibits from the National Air and Space Museum

17,000 space artifacts, more than 3,000 individual pieces from the historic Apollo moon landing program, containing a multitude of items that have been in space and on our calmly orbiting neigbor, the moon. That is the National Air and Space museum. Let us have a look at the best exhibits it has to offer

1.  The Wright Flyer

12 horsepower, a maximum flying altitude of a few meters and a record flight of 59 seconds covering a distance of 250 meters, that is progress.

I like this museum. Lots of cool planes
- That guy from yelp

2. Space Suits for Kids

All ages of spaceflight and all materials are represented in the space suit collection of the museum. The best part is of course the infant version, an early advance in technology to make sure that mom and dad could take their kids when booking a holiday on the moon.

Space suits. You know, for kids!

3. Tiger Air Insignia

Inspiring a Kellogg´s brand of corn flakes that helped millions of kids to develop cute early onset diabetes, the Tony the Tiger air insignia of the 14th Air Force, United States Army Air Forces is on display in the National Air and Space Museum. It features a derpy looking tiger with wings and a stylized japanese imperial flag, somebody probably got reamed for the design. 

Tony the Tiger gives you wings 

4. Felix the cat blowing up your enemies

United States Navy fighting Squad Number 6 definitely had the best designer. Nothing could strike more fear into the hearts of your enemies than Felix the Cat and his ACME like bomb supply. 

Feel the terror of his large eyed gaze

5. Dr. James B. Edson´s lunchbox kit of awesomeness

Not only does this lunchbox kit come from the former belongings of a NASA scientist, he also was involved in "Lunch Talks" at the museum educating others how NASA made cool large fiery rockets that penetrated space, time and our imaginations. One day he thought his lunchbox was to badass not to be seen by everybody and donated it to the museum.

Feel the rocket powered coffee penetrate your taste buds

The only thing missing from the museum and our list:

You know it to be true!

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