Saturday, November 2, 2013

Geopiece of the Day: First McDonald´s in the world

Starting a revolution in food habits and spawning a multi billion dollar industry the first McDonald´s location in the world, now turned a museum, can be visited in Des Plaines, Illinois. A major franchise and founder of a convenience food dynasty with humble roots. Well, now it has been claimed on Geopieces, maybe the McDonald´s corporation wants it back some day.

If only Hamburgers where 15 cents today

Founded by Ray Kroc in 1955 the first of many already featured the typical red and white colour scheme we know today and introduced the golden arches. The restaurant was actually torn down in 1984 because renovation was no longer feasible and rebuilt by the McDonald´s corporation. Although you can still visit the restaurant, sadly there is no food service available and you can take a closer look at ancient kitchen and preperation areas. 

The great things of the past, and I am kind of sad they did not translate into modern times, include freshly made fries. Actual potatoes were delivered and peeled, blanched, sliced and fried. Freshly made milkshakes wipped up by hand and not coming out of a machine, which always seems to be broken or closed down for the night at my location. This may be caused either by poor maintenance or my own insane biological day and night cycle, genetically I am 90% owl apparently. At least bring back root beer drawn from barrels, please?

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