Friday, November 22, 2013

Geopiece of the Day: The highest Building in the World

As this picture from photographer Gerald Donovan proves the Burj Khalifa is really really high. Standing 828m tall it is the highest building in the world currently, until oil rich Dubai residents decide to increase their spending on first grade real estate again.

Some fun facts about the skyscraper:

  • In order to ensure a fresh water supply more than 100 km of pipes run through the building pumping nearly 1 million liters of water per day
  • The air conditioning uses air from the top of the building, which is cooler and cleaner than "ground" air. Due to the high humidity in Dubai´s climate the cooling system produces lots of condensing water that is collecting and used to irrigate the surrounding green areas.
  • Cleaning the whole tower takes 36 workers 3-4 months, although much of the window cleaning is actually automatized.

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