Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Geopiece of the Day: Killer Robots in Seaside Park

Odaiba Seaside Park Gundam Robot statue

At Odaiba Seaside Park one can enjoy the man made beach at Tokyo's waterfront although swimming is not allowed. The venue draws visitors with the promise of romantic walks on the beach and leisure activities such as boardsailing and paddle boating but the area is definitely most famous for the giant statue of a Gundam robot. 

The 18 meter tall robot is a scale model of the title character of famous japanese anime Gundam. The statue was built by toy manufacturing conglomerate Bandai-Namco to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its anime. It is a perfect replica fully equipped with light beams that light up the sky at night and fog machines shooting out mist. 

So enjoy a nice picnic at the seaside in Odaiba park and go sightseeing under the watchful eyes of a giant robot.

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