Thursday, November 28, 2013

Geopieces of the Day: Meiji Period Ryōgoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena

15 consecutive days, three times a year the arena bustles. The three grand tournaments held in January, May and September celebrate japanese Sumo wrestling in the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. The growing popularity of Sumo during the Meiji period led to the building of the original Kokugikan in Ryōgoku in 1909. Today's sumo stadium, the Kokugikan, is the fourth built in Tokyo and has been in use since 1985. It seats over 10,000 visitors.

A Grand Tournament at Tokyo's Kokugikan. Ringside tickets cost € 110, boxes cost between € 70 and       € 90 per person, and arena tickets will set you back between € 15 and € 60. If you did not have the chance to get your ticket in advance you can maybe still get one on the day of the tournament. You might want to show up at about 5-6 in the morning to have a chance. Price conscious people might want to watch a training bout but you have to be an early riser as the start at 6am and are mostly over by 8am.

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