Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Geopieces of the Day: Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo Big Sight

This week we are looking at japanese entries on our world map and start of with Tokyo Big Sight, a nickname for the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. The building not only stands out for its architectural style but is also one of the main event locations in Japan for trade shows and events and is scheduled to host events like wrestling, fencing and taekwondo in the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Japanese culture is of course a little different from western ideas so many exhibitions are quite strange to mainstream audiences.

Comiket at Tokyo Big Sight

For example Comiket the world´s largest self published manga fair held twice a year. One of the many grassroot art and culture movements in Japan.

International Anime Fair at Big Sight Tokyo

Or the yearly International Anime Fair held at the Big Sight. The event is famous for giving out the Tokyo Anime Awards, prizes for creations in the field of animation, to both foreign and local artists.

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