Monday, January 13, 2014

Geopiece of the Day: Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory

It happens to all of us. One of your loved ones is no longer with you on this earth and according to the Roman Catholic Canon he might not have been qualified for a direct ascension to heaven. Maybe he wore shirts of linen and polyester blends or dared to cut his beards, activities that are strictly forbidden according to Leviticus bible passages, and therefore the poor soul is doing his time in purgatory.

The souls are apparently trying to reach out to their loved ones making contact in order to elicit prayer that can reduce their time spent in fiery purgatory. Their scorched handprints may adorn holy books and other everyday objects. These items are not only really cool but also highly collectible. That is why a priest in the church of the sacred heart in Rome, after seeing an apparition in a fire that destroyed the altar of the church, decided to start a collection of otherworldly items. One of the sub reasons might also have been the wavering belief in catholic dogma and therefore displaying awesome ghostly items of faith comes as no surprise.

The collection is now a museum within the church and features articles touched by purgatory souls.

The idea of souls in the purgatory came about in the 11th century, when a monk returned from the Holy Land. He told a story about how his ship had been wrecked and he was washed ashore on an island inhabited by a hermit, who claimed that he had seen a mysterious chasm filled with demons and souls. The demons suffering from low work satisfaction complained about souls ascending to heaven by prayer of the living and donations to the poor.

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